CONAI and COREPLA visiting Selene

Monday, 31 July, 2017

July 27th, 2017: meeting day with important stakeholders of the recycling sector.

Fabrizio Di Gregorio, head of Research and development dept and public relations CONAI and Antonio Protopapa, Research and Development Director of COREPLA, visited the Selene stamping plant in Vicopelago (LU) last Thursday.

CONAI, Italian National Packaging Consortium, and COREPLA, the National Consortium for Collecting, Recycling and Recovering Plastic Packaging, are two important actors in the field of material recovery and their interest in Life Eco Pulplast is a good signal for future prospects of industrial development.

Besides congratulating for the achievements so far, De Gregorio and Protopapa have shown deep interest in the project as it represents a concrete opportunity to increase significantly the recycling rate of waste materials and mixed plastics in particular

Antonio Protopapa, Marco Severini, Valter Severini

Pallets in Selene