European Commission The European Commission has adopted an ambitious new Circular Economy Package to help European businesses and consumers to make the transition to a stronger and more circular economy where resources are used in a more sustainable way.

Selene production is principally concentrated on flexible packaging for industrial consumption. We convert plastic materials through the phases of:
​Selene S.p.A. was founded in 1959 in Lucca (Italy) by Silvano Severini. Today the Company is managed by his sons Marco and Valter.
Since then Selene has gained a leading position on the Italian and international markets.
The constant investments over the years have permitted to pass from the traditional PE packaging to the latest PE products now available on the market.


LUCENSE is a non-profit limited liability consortium-like company, founded in Lucca in 1984, encompassing public authorities, institutions, bank foundations and trade associations as shareholders.
LUCENSE provides advanced and qualified Services for Innovation, fostering development within enterprises.
Since 2010, LUCENSE is a Research Organization according to the European Commission Communication (OJ 2006/C 323/01) conducting industrial research, experimental development, technology transfer and dissemination.

SERV.ECO is a Consortium of paper mills located in the Province of Lucca. It was founded in 1986, involving 14 paper industries, representing some 30 productive units, with different productive capacities and paper grades produced, which stands for the largest paper production of the Lucca paper district.
The purpose of the Consortium is to deal with the environmental issues concerning the paper sector.


Zero Waste Europe supports local groups with independent knowledge and tools to drive change more efficiently, structuring the movement internationally to better represent the interests of communities at the EU level and engaging policy makers and stakeholders.
In these regards, ZWE operates both as a knowledge network and as an advocacy group, representing active communities in EU countries.

LIFE is the EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental, nature conservation and climate action projects throughout the EU. Since 1992, LIFE has co-financed some 4306 projects. For the 2014-2010 funding period, LIFE will contribute approximately €3.4 billion to the protection of the environment and climate.